"We loved her attention to detail & commitment to capturing honest, story-telling photos. These photos bring us right back to all the emotions of the first few moments with our little one..."

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Male Grove Newborn Photographer

These Fresh 48 newborn photos were taken only 12 hours after the birth of baby Fletcher. Highlights included capturing the footprints as well as his first bath and outfit change. The session lasted about an hour and took place right at the hospital.

If you're looking for a newborn or fresh 48 photographer in Maple Grove, I would love to chat! My style is natural and polished, and I have a very laid-back approach, which is so important in helping create a stress-free environment for any new mom.

Is a Fresh 48 Session

Right for Me?

Those first few days of motherhood are such a blur. Fresh 48 sessions exist to capture the blurriest of motherhood moments: Baby's first bath, first cuddles, footprints, the tiny hospital hats, the clear-tubbed bassinet, and so much more. Read the article to learn more about Fresh 48 Sessions and see if one would be right for you!

The Best Age to Take Newborn Photos

Some photographers have strict rules for when they'll photograph newborns. Some will even photograph the birth or come to your hospital as soon as your baby arrives. So what are newborn photos exactly, when should you schedule them, and when's the ideal time to take them?

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