Maple Grove Family Photographer


Based in Maple Grove, MN

Kara Joy Photography, LLC is a Family & Newborn Photographer who specializes in newborn photography and working with families with young kids.


I'd describe my photographic style as a mutt. A mix between mostly lifestyle and documentary-style photography. With both, the attention is on connection and everyday life, not on being photographed. I love this approach because it's far more laid-back and natural. And I love focusing on telling a story.

Lifestyle photography documents a glorified version of reality. The goal is to capture real moments: Real people engaging in other other in real ways. It aims to tell that true story in an artistic and polished way.

A documentary photographer aims to be a fly on the wall and embrace whatever unfolds. Her goal is to document, not direct.


That toy he always carried around. The ringlet curl that fell in front of her eyes. The way she cuddled against her mom. The way he looked at his dad. The arm pit farms. Even the defiance. These are the moments I want to capture, moments that help you remember this stage just as it was, not as it "should've been."

What makes a great story? It's in the emotions, the details. A great story is honest. A great story makes you feel something. And the best stories aren't directed. They're captured, then set free.

What I Learned from Being in front of the Camera

It can feel super WEIRD to be in front of the camera—yes, even for a photographer! I confess that being in front of the camera was totally outside my comfort zone. Here are a few things that I learned from my hour in the on the other side.

The Best Age to Take Newborn Photos

Some photographers have strict rules for when they'll photograph newborns. Some will photograph the birth or come to the hospital as soon as baby arrives. So what are newborn photos exactly, when should you schedule them, and when's the ideal time to take them?

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