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Family Lifestyle Session

When you have three kids, getting everyone to sit still is near impossible. During this family session, we hardly stopped moving. The kids especially enjoyed running, racing, and playing some silly games with me.

Maple Grove Family Photographer


About a week before your shoot I'll send out an email reminder. I'll also send you a text the day before or day of your shoot. This way we'll also have each other's number handy in case we need it.

If we aren't shooting inside your home, I will arrive to our location early to scout out the light and choose some spots for us. I'll often text a pin drop of where I am when I arrive. But text or call if you get turned around or are confused about where to park! I will have my phone in my hand until I see you.

A lot of clients like to listen to music during their session, so I bring a small speaker. This can be especially helpful for young kids!

I like to start my sessions with very low pressure photos. I'll have your family interact and connect while doing something simple, like throwing rocks in the water, playing in the sand, enjoying nearby flowers, walking through a field. This helps everyone loosen up and little ones warm up to me.

Then we'll capture some movement and move towards lifestyle photos (which involves some directing). This might be sitting on a blanket and playing with your kids or a child running towards me or swinging a child in the air. We'll spend more of our time taking these types of shots.


I'll take a couple of classic portraits throughout. But one thing I like to tell families for lifestyle photography is this: We won't force anything!

What I Learned from Being in front of the Camera

It can feel WEIRD to be in front of the camera—yes, even for a photographer! Here are a few things that I learned from my hour in the on the other side.

What to Wear to a Family Photo Shoot

The most important thing to remember when it deciding what to wear is keep it simple. Avoid distracting accessories and crazy patterns. Stick with colors that go well together. And if you’re feeling overwhelmed, start with Mom’s outfit and build on that.

Maple Grove Family Photographer