I'm so glad I asked Kara to photograph my family! She came to us and I just stood by as she engaged with my young children and impressively got really great, fun, natural photos of them going about their day (even my camera-shy two-year old). I appreciate her thoroughness in laying out the process and what to expect...she even provided tips about choosing what to wear!

"I appreciate her thoroughness in laying out the process..."

in-home family photos lifestyle session Minneapolis


These family photos are from a 60-minute In-home Family Lifestyle Session in Minneapolis. We wanted to capture the kids engaging in a few everyday activities, like tea time, doing homeschool, reading books, and simply playing!

What I loved most about this shoot: This house had so much natural light! I also loved getting creative with the circular mirrors on the walls of both the dining room and the living room. This particular photo here is my favorite from the session. There are so many interesting components, like the youngest looking at mom with the older taking in his tea. The mirror on the wall to get another angle of Mom's face. Ah, I love it!