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Maternity & Newborn Photography

Kara Joy Photography, LLC is a Family & Newborn Photographer who specializes in newborn photography.


I'm a firm believer that too much of anything can become a bad thing, and I've carried this belief into my photography. My photographic style is laid-back, natural, candid, and often unprompted.


I'd also describe my photographic style as a mutt. A mix between mostly lifestyle and documentary-style photography. With both, the attention is on

connection and everyday life, not on being photographed. I love this approach because it creates far more laid-back and natural photos. And I love focusing on telling a story rather than creating perfection.

My editing style is polished but real. Fine tuned but not overly perfected. Warm but not orange. I enjoy using warm tones and adding a touch of drama to the bokeh in my images, but nothing I create looks fake or flawless. And I do love a good black & white with a photojournalistic vibe!

Is a Fresh 48 Session

Right for Me?

Those first few days of motherhood are such a blur. Fresh 48 sessions exist to capture the blurriest of motherhood moments: Baby's first bath, first cuddles, footprints, the tiny hospital hats, the clear-tubbed bassinet, and so much more. Read the article to learn more about Fresh 48 Sessions and see if one would be right for you!

The Best Age to Take Newborn Photos

Some photographers have strict rules for when they'll photograph newborns. Some will even photograph the birth or come to your hospital as soon as your baby arrives. So what are newborn photos exactly, when should you schedule them, and when's the ideal time to take them?

Minneapolis Newborn Photographer