Minneapolis Newborn Photographer


Minneapolis Newborn Lifestyle Session

In-home newborn lifestyle photos in small Minneapolis home. When I arrived baby was sleeping in the bassinet. We started there and moved to the nursery before spending time in the living room.


Here are a few things to consider before your session. But if it stresses you out, throw it out! These things certainly won't make or break your session. Turn up the heat in your home. Babies love to be nice and warm, so consider turning up the heat in your home about an hour  before your session. This is especially important if you'd like to have your baby in a diaper only for a few photos.


Open up those curtains and blinds! I'll be utilizing all that yummy natural light. Don't worry if you forget to do this. I can always adjust things when I arrive.

Keep your baby awake before your session, if you can. I'm not opposed to having your baby awake during the session. However, if you really want those sleepy shots, I recommend keeping your baby awake before the session if you can. But sometimes babies have their own agenda, so don't stress if it doesn't happen!

If you're wanting nursing photos, wait to feed your baby. Chances are you're still adjusting to a feeding schedule with your newborn. That's okay. If possible, hold off on nursing for at least an hour before your session. That way your baby will be good and hungry at some point during our time together.

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Minneapolis Newborn Photographer