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Education for Minnesota Family Photographers

If you're a new or newish photographer wanting to learn about all things business, I’d love to help! Starting and sustaining your own business can be lonely and overwhelming at times. The business bits can be downright daunting (do you cringe at the thought of taxes, bookkeeping, or contracts?) But with clarity, consistency, and confidence nothing can hold you back.

"Kara is inspiring and incredibly sweet."

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A Little about My Photography Story

I wouldn't say I never intended to start a photography business, but it was never a plan or a big dream of mine. I just sort of started, got hooked (obsessed?), kept putting one foot in front of the other, and never stopped.

We'd gotten family photos taken in August one year. I remember looking at those photos and thinking about the ways I'd improve them. This motivated me to offer up my first (and only) free outdoor family photo session and being learning about photography online.

When I started, I didn't have the latest or most expensive gear (read: I had a 10-year-old camera my husband and I had bought to take with on trips). I was scared of flash. I didn't understand white balance in the slightest. But I still managed to start my business in the middle of a global pandemic while maintaining my stay-at-home mom status.

Fast forward and I've niched down, upgraded my gear, am getting consistent bookings, and am working towards becoming a Certified Birth Photographer. And I've taken my family on a couple of fun trips!


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Let's meet up for coffee or a walk and chat about all things photography! We can nerd out, get straight down to business, go over your list of questions, or all of the above.


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Spend three hours with me​ at a coffee shop or your home. We'll go over your website, chat about SEO, strategize your next steps, and load you up with resources to grow your business.


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Join me for an in-home newborn lifestyle session or an outdoor family session. I'll explain what I'm doing each step of the way! And you can take some pics for your portfolio.


What stage is your business at?

Thank you! I'm excited to connect!