Best Locations for Portraits in Minneapolis

Having lived in the Minneapolis area for 14 years, I've had a lot of time to explore and develop a few favorite spots, some well-known, others less frequented. I've also discovered a couple locations I'd love to experiment with! Here's a list of nine recommended locations in Minneapolis:

01. Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

If you're looking to take photos near something that screams Minneapolis, visit that spoon. Up close and personal or distant and blurred, either one is epic!

This photo was taken in November of last year during a headshots & personal branding session. Not being from Minnesota, we wanted to capture her and the essence of Minneapolis, the city she's come to adore. I love how regal and soft she looks.

02. Stone Arch Bridge & Below

An iconic location for photos, sure. But the area around the bridge is just as cool. Heading here you can expect to likely have some blurry people passing by in the background. But head underneath? A less traveled photographic paradise. Great for romantic photos.

03. The North Loop

For a flirty, hipster urban vibe, head to the North Loop. As a bonus, the area is generally less crowded than other parts of Minneapolis.

04. I Like You (it's an actual place)

This is a store near St. Anthony West and Nicollet Island. I first discovered it after got a massage in the area. It's an adorable gift shop with the words "I like you" plastered all over gorgeous white brick.

05. Parking Ramps (it's okay to get a little weird)

Here are a couple ramps I would love to experiment with: The top of the North Loop Ramp and the Hennepin Parking Ramp (Hennepin @10th).

Years ago when I first started taking more photos, I played around with these locations, often with a tripod or placing my camera on a nice, sturdy rock. I also used to be super into photographing graffiti around the cities. I would go on graffiti hunts in my free time!

06. Boom Island Park (a riverside park)

I love this area! I had my own family photos taken here last year. You can get lovely photos of the city in the background, cutesy photos walking across a bridge, playful dock photos, and more.

07. Minnehaha Falls & Beyond

I lived near Minnehaha Falls for six years before moving to Maple Grove and photographed the area year round! Photos with the falls in the background are gorgeous, but what most people don't know is that the surrounding area is just as incredible. There's a path that leads all the way to the beach, and along the way you'll find the creek, a bizarre rock formation, and steps littered with graffiti. I took a few of my own maternity photos here.

08. Mississippi River

Another location where I've played with some self portraits over the years. There's a set of steps off the bike path that leads to the river. I've visited it several time and rarely bump into anyone. Calm, serene, off the beaten path.

09. Lake Hiawatha & Lake Nokomis

These lakes have it all. From dreamy beach photos and springtime blossoms to sunsets by the water and cute bridges, there are all kinds of vibes you can create all within the same area.

More often than not, my clients don't have a location preference. If this is you, I'll choose a location for you based on what a learn about you and the vibe you're going for!

Hi there! I'm your Maple Grove Newborn Photographer. Fun fact: I was a writer before I became a family photographer! I've got a couple of books under my belt. Stories are my JAM.



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