Evening Family Photos in Elm Creek: Brenda & Keith

It was a lovely spring evening in Elm Creek Park, perfect for not-too-sweaty, nearing sunset photos. I am super stoked that Brenda & Keith were up for a short walk down to a bridge. It was my first time shooting there, and it was everything I'd dreamed it to be. We started two+ hours before sunset, which I'm learning I actually prefer. I'm a big fan of backlighting my subjects when the sun is a bit higher up. I've been loving playing with haze/no haze and the different colors that various angles can bring out.

An obstacle I overcame during the shoot: Not everyone enjoys having their photo taken. It's actually quite common! Maybe you can't tell from these photos (that's my goal anyway), but Keith was not a huge fan. To overcome this, a lot of silliness was in order. I actually enjoyed trying to get him to laugh. It was fun to be a bit silly and lighthearted and to not take myself too seriously as well. Being a photographer has shown me just how much I still tend to care what people think, and not in an honorable I-want-my-clients-to-be-happy kind of way. It's like therapy to just be myself and put it all out there and not care if some find me a little odd.

To help with these kinds of struggles, I also like to bring a little something extra for my clients, like a special treat or beverage. I believe the little things can make a big difference in the overall experience.

Also, there was a controlled burn in the park a few days prior that I didn't know about, so we had to work around that area and I had to adapt! Worth it. These photos are gorg!

Something my clients taught me during the shoot: I love how open they were with sharing a bit of their story. They brought with them a bear to take some photos with, something to remember their son by. I just LOVE how they brought that piece of their story into the photos, how they've found a way to keep old memories alive.

Hi there! I'm your Maple Grove Newborn Photographer. Fun fact: I was a writer before I became a family photographer! I've got a couple of books under my belt. Stories are my JAM.



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