Golden Hour Family Photos in Elm Creek: The Kramers

These photos are very significant to me because they are from my very first family lifestyle session last fall! At this point in my photography career, I had only just mastered my camera settings, and I had a basic understanding of light. I had never even taken a photo during golden hour prior to working with this family! This shoot was the first time I experienced and captured for myself the magic of that golden backlit glow, and the photos are what kicked off my photography business.

I'm a big proponent of letting the kids run the show. And more often than not parents come to my sessions attempting to control their children. I love helping the parents learn to roll with it, and then watching what kinds emotions and ideas the kids will bring to the table. The smiles from the youngest were genuine because they weren't prompted, and Mom and Dad were chatting away on the bench.

There are a number of things that I loved about this session, from interacting with the family's youngest to getting creative with foreground and background to surprising the kids with little prizes at the end. My goal as a photographer is to provide clients with authentic images that tell a story, so I also enjoyed capturing those in between moments, when one of the kids wasn't looking directly at the camera or someone burst out in laughter. But what I loved most about this session was helping the family relax and enjoy some real moments during the time we spent together. I believe that families should walk away from photo sessions with so much more than photos; they should also take with them fond memories and maybe even a new friend.

An obstacle I overcame during this shoot: Nerves! This was my first shoot, so it was near impossible not to be nervous. Instead of letting that shut me down, I let that energy light me up. I focused on playing with the kids and making them comfortable, which helped take my mind off myself.

Hi there! I'm your Maple Grove Newborn Photographer. Fun fact: I was a writer before I became a family photographer! I've got a couple of books under my belt. Stories are my JAM.



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