Family Maternity Photos in Maple Grove

These folks came from the Golden Valley area to hang out in this lush green, grassy field for some family maternity portraits in Maple Grove. The warm, creamy tones with a backdrop of green captures the essence of summer family portraits perfectly! All that intense green is growing on me.

What I loved about these photos: I'm OBSESSED with the colors in these photos. Greens really used to trip me up, but by adjusting several details (like the hue sliders of the individual colors), I've really found my editing style when it comes to greens. I've shot in this field before during the fall, and I love that I was able to create something consistent with my style even though there's a huge difference between muted browns and lush greens.

I've spent a lot of time investing in this editing style journey. I've learned that consistent color tones in location choices helps a lot with photos having the same kind of vibe. I think that strategy is smart, but what I don't like about it is it leaves little room for variety. What I love these photos is they scream Kara Joy Photography just as much as my more muted photos. I've totally found an editing style I'm in love with without trying to tape myself into a box (which if you know me at all, I've had little success with in the past).

Toddler in a lush field looking up at mom who is expecting a baby.
I tried, but I couldn't pick a favorite photo from the session! This is one of my top three though. I love it because of the genuine expression of curiosity and the non-standard position mother and daughter are in. Their positions aren't forced, and I love the composition. I also like the sense of mystery that there is, since you can't see Mom's face.

I also love how relaxed and authentic these photos are, with both natural smiles and gazes of trepidation captured on the face of their little one. Her answer to the question, "Do you like babies?" was just as honest. "Nope!" this little one said with gusto. I couldn't help but crack up.

What I loved about this session: I love how much I had in common with these folks! Chatting with them was so easy, especially since Hank and I share the same engineering background. I'm still reeling over the fact the he works in the same building I used to work at. And it's always fun meeting like-minded people. They're choosing to not find out the gender of their baby, which is so rare these days. I love that they're embracing what I think is the most wonderful surprise this life has to offer. We chose not to find out with both of our kids too.

Challenges I overcame during this shoot: All kinds of life was happening for me around this session. Timing with maternity shoots is key, so instead of rescheduling, I packed my car and drove across Wisconsin right after the session to see my family. Waiting to look through photos and start editing after a session is super hard for me. I'm so excited to work on them that I often begin working that night! Setting my work down and putting family first was hard for me, but so necessary to work through. I know that learning to do this well is going to be one of the primary things that helps me scale this business in the future and not burn out.

I'm SO looking forward to seeing this family again when Baby comes. To be a part of both the anticipation and celebration of a new addition is the best! Stay tuned for newborn photos coming towards the end of August.

Hi there! I'm your Maple Grove Newborn Photographer. Fun fact: I was a writer before I became a family photographer! I've got a couple of books under my belt. Stories are my JAM.



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