Laid Back Newborn Photos in Minneapolis: Baby Madeline

South Minneapolis on a Wednesday afternoon with a new baby was a such a treat! I'm always happy to travel to Minneapolis for a photo shoot. Having lived there for eight years or so, I don't mind the drive because it feels like I'm going home. But add a new baby to the mix too? Totally my ideal photo shoot.

I enjoyed taking my time with this family, encouraging Steph to do whatever she need for her new baby. I remember those days all too clearly, the anxiety I felt whenever my newborn fussed. I don't tell new parents to prepare their new baby before shoots. They don't have to be sure she's fed or had a nap ahead of time. We roll with wherever that baby is at. So for this shoot we started with several awake photos and eventually got Baby to fall asleep for the sweetest family portraits. We used three different areas of the home, including the living room, the bedroom, and Baby's room. She nursed a few times during our shoot, and that was totally fine.

An obstacle I overcame during the shoot: Rolling with baby's needs and mood. Photographing a newborn requires a lot of patience, which I've had a giant lesson in through mothering my own two kids. When Baby fussed or need to be held, we took a break from whatever we were doing (though, I can't say I ever really stopped shooting). Those photos are actually some of my favorites, where Mom or Dad is just doing their thing.

What I loved about this shoot: I love how laid back it was. And I love that we got a nice mix of awake and asleep photos. I LOVED Baby's room. It was adorable. And the house had lots of natural light. It was fun to play with how the light fell on my subjects. We were able to create so much variety while sticking with that style that is all KJP.

Hi there! I'm your Maple Grove Newborn Photographer. Fun fact: I was a writer before I became a family photographer! I've got a couple of books under my belt. Stories are my JAM.



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