What is a Mini Session?

Mama & Me Mother's Day Minis are coming up! So let's talk about what a mini session is (and is not). A mini session is just a taste of the full session experience! Here's how they're different:

Duration: Short & Sweet

A typical standard photo session lasts about an hour, and sometimes they run a bit longer. With a standard session there is no hard time constraint, so I have the option to linger for a few extra minutes if your baby won't stop being cute or the light changed and I can't help but get a few more shots. Mini sessions are 20 minutes long and back-to-back. As much as I'd love to stretch these sessions, we wrap up at that 20 minute mark so I can greet the next client.

Because mini sessions are shorter, they can be a great option for families with young kids or a newer mom who is all kinds of tired. Get in. Get out. And get those gorgeous photos.

Investment: Less $

Perhaps the number one reason mini sessions are so popular is due to the level of investment. They cost less than a typical session AND you get some money to spend in my store (more on that below).

Please note, for mini sessions the session fee is SEPARATE from the package cost. The session fee of $49 helps cover the cost of a permit to shoot at a gorgeous location.

Location: The Photographer's Choice

The location for a standard session can be the client's choice or the photographer's choice. The location for mini sessions is determined by the photographer.

Photo Count: Full Session = More Photos

A full gallery for a standard session contains at least 35 professionally edited images, whereas a full gallery for a mini session contains 10-15 professionally edited images.

Who's in the Photos?

A standard family session includes immediate family members. Depending on the type of mini session, who's allowed in the photo may vary. For example, Mama & Me Minis are for moms and kiddos, whereas Fall Minis for Families everyone is free to join the party.

Store Credit: Included in My Mini Session Packages

My mini session packages come with store credit! For example, the You're the Apple of My Eye package for 2021 Mama & Me Mother's Day Minis costs $249 and includes $100 store credit to spend on prints, albums, canvases, frames, or cards. I love building this into my mini sessions because they make for the perfect gift for a loved one.

Theme: A Reason to Throw A Party

Lastly, mini session are usually built around a certain theme. Because they're theme-based, I like to throw in a little something extra, be it a flower for mom or a special treat for the kids.

To sum up, mini sessions are different than a regular session. Most importantly, they're cheaper, shorter, and held at predetermined location.

Click here for more information on this year's minis. If you have any questions about mini sessions, don't hesitate to reach out. You can shoot me an email: karajoyphoto@gmail.com.

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