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husband holding wife's hand in between pushes during labor while Elk River Birth Photographer takes a photo
newborn baby holding mom's finger after birth while Maple Grove Birth Photographer takes a photo
doctor delivering baby in the hosiptal in st. louis park while maple grove Birth Photographer takes a photo

Raw & Beautiful Birth Photography in Minneapolis

Birth Photography is a photojournalistic style of photography that captures details and emotions to tell your one-of-a-kind birth story. Your savage strength, bold beauty. Sighs and first cries. First gaze and postpartum haze–You won't forget a single moment.

Minneapolis birth photographer
Minneapolis birth photographer

What if You Didn't Have to Worry?

What if you didn't have to worry about fumbling with a camera on the day of your baby's birth. You didn't have to wonder what photos your partner MIGHT get on his phone. You had each and every detail artistically and professionally photographed. You had absolutely no regrets when it came to giving birth to your sweet baby!

newborn baby girl lying on her stomach after vitals checked
husband hugging wife during labor Maple Grove Birth Photographer

"Kara is so easy going and kind that you truly feel like you are working with a longtime friend."

Maple Grove Birth Photographer
Maple Grove Birth Photographer
Maple Grove Birth Photographer

You'll Totally Want to Remember One of the Most Painful Times of Your Life

I have one picture of me and my baby only minutes after giving birth, none during labor. I'd ripped off my bra in the most primal way possible. They slapped a hat on him. And I'd barely managed to bring myself to a semi-upright position. It's a precious photo, but it's the only photo I have of me and my baby on the day of his birth.

Would I have hired a birth photographer at the time? Not a chance. Too shy and terrified to give birth. Do I regret it now? Yes. Honestly, I really do.

Unless God pulls a Virgin Mary sort of thing on me, I'm never going to have a baby again. And it pains me beyond belief to say that. It was the most painful thing I've ever endured physically, but I wish I could go back and do it again. I wish I could breathe in those moments more deeply. Honestly, labor & delivery is the blurriest thing I've ever experienced, and I wish I could reach back and remember those moments.




Get in Touch with Kara

Fill out my contact form, and I'll get back to you pretty quick! We'll touch base on the phone and go over your questions. If we're a match we'll go over booking details and set up a date for an in-person consultation.


Book Your Session

A signed contract and $300 retainer is required to reserve your birth photography time window. We can go over the contract and other details on the phone or in person.


Prepare for the Session

You'll fill out a simple form so that I can get to know your family a bit! As a birth photography client you'll also fill out a detailed birth questionnaire prior to meeting in person. It covers everything from logistics to labor history to photography preferences.


Receive Your Beautiful Images

In just 24 hours you'll receive a preview: a handful of edited images to share with family and friends. Your full gallery will be ready in just two weeks! You get ALL your images in your gallery. You can purchase additional images, prints, & canvases through your gallery store.

"We loved her attention to detail & commitment to capturing honest, story-telling photos."

maple grove birth photographer-22.jpg
maple grove birth photographer-48.jpg

How Long Will it Take You to Get to the Birth?

I will have a "go bag" packed just like you! I will provide you with a main phone number and a backup number to call me at. I don't take on births requiring longer than a 45 minute drive.


It can take up to two hours for me to be at your side. Early and frequent communication will ensure I don't miss the birth!

Best to let me know as soon as you start having any "baby about to escape" signs. Please do not wait until you're in active labor to give me a call. I'd much rather know as soon as you're having regular contractions. In fact, I'm totally cool if you call me every you're having Braxton Hicks contractions. Those last few days leading up to labor can mess with your head, and I'd love to provide support!

Minneapolis birth photographer
Minneapolis birth photographer
Minneapolis birth photographer
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