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family feeding their chickens in their backyard

I first discovered my love for storytelling with writing. I started writing books around the time I learned to ride a bike and published my first book in 2012. In my books I talk about some pretty personal stuff, like my faith, my history of childhood abuse, and my experiences as a new mom. Photography is just another way of telling stories. And just like my writing, I want my photos to be real, vulnerable, and filled with true emotion.

woman holding a blue marlin in thailand

Minneapolis lifestyle photographer specializing in family & newborn photos

mom holding toddler over shoulder in a field

Gracefully navigated the chaos of two toddlers...

"We had an incredible experience working with Kara! She gracefully navigated the chaos of two toddlers and managed to capture photos that truly showcase our family’s life in this moment. We will treasure her work for a lifetime. Highly recommend!"

— LIZ K.



I take lifestyle photos of babies in Minneapolis without wrapping them in lettuce (like Angela did on The Office). No hands under the chin. No hats with ears on them. No buckets or baskets. No unrealistic baby beds or impractical swaddling. I create bright, honest, timeless, artistic photos of babies & their big people.

I'm a minimalist photographer who loves to embrace spontaneity! The unexpected often leads to the most epic and genuine shots. I prefer the word "prompt" over "pose." This just means I'll help you relax and give you ideas on how to interact with each other while steering clear of stiff positions. Getting everyone to stand and smile perfectly at the camera is not my goal. You deserve to remember your family just as they were.

mom holding newborn baby boy in a chair
mom burping newborn baby on a couch
siblings hugging in their backyard

A Homeschool Mom & Loyal to Fault

​I went to school for Biomedical Engineering and worked at the same company for seven years before quitting (there's that loyal part in action). I went out with a bang! (I made sure to have my wisdom teeth removed while I still had full-time child care.)


I may not have gained a lot of free-time when I quit my corporate job, but I did gain a couple of models who would work for candy. And because I wanted to practice non-stop, I not only found myself photographing my kids more, I found myself remembering them more.

Time is ruthless, a force never slowing. A photo is a concrete reminder to slow down and breathe them in. Time may be unbreakable, but a photo consoles. It sucks you up and spills you out into a time of tiny hiccups and first smiles.

girl wearing sunglasses next to the ocean

Boxes are boring...

I've tried very hard on numerous occasions to put myself in a box, but every time I attempt it I pull a muscle or run out of duct tape...


I love sugar, but I hate sugar-coating anything. I’m a social introvert. I’m an empathetic engineer. A vegetarian who has no problem slaying a fish. I have a deep affection for pizza. I also run for fun. And I know what it's like to be a full-time working mom, a stir-crazy stay-at-home mom, and a homeschool mom who works part-time. I've never fit easily into a box. But that's okay. Boxes are boring, and I won't try to put you into one either.


I Recently Relocated

We recently moved to a hobby farm in Elk River! We have a bunch of chickens and 5 ducks and are planning to expand. I still take lifestyle photos all around Minneapolis area, but have expanded to also working in some smaller towns near me.


I Love Traveling Alone

I backpacked around New Zealand for a month by myself and completely fell in love with both the people and the place. I then worked at a glacier guiding business in New Zealand for about six months. And fishing by myself in Alaska has become a bit of thing.


Adrenaline & I Are Friends

Some things that have given me a good adrenaline rush over the years: Skydiving, bungy jumping, parasailing, hang gliding, and (attempting) backcountry hiking in the remote mountains of Alaska while pregnant.


I'm currently located in Elk River, but primarily work in Maple Grove, Minneapolis, & St. Paul and am willing to travel all over the Twin Cities!

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