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Why You Should Take Nursing Photos

You hired a newborn photographer to capture your new little love in her tiniest state! You've communicated with your newborn photographer on the phone and in email. Then your baby finally arrives, and everything you had in your head goes out the window. You thought about what it'd be like again and again, but your mind is still completely blown.

Giving birth was a whole new level of being exposed. Showing some skin feels a little less intimidating since giving birth, but nursing still feels so personal, so raw and intimate. It's a sacred bond between you and your baby and the idea of a photographer getting all up in your business might feel like the last thing you want to do. Even after being so exposed in the delivery room, you might still be apprehensive.

mom in pink glasses nursing newborn baby boy next to a window
This breastfeeding photo was taken using only the natural window light. I used an angle to capture the moment that would keep mom covered up.

I get it. Nursing is super personal. I have only one photo of me nursing one of my babies (taken by me with my phone). And as a new mom, the idea of someone else taking photos of me nursing did not make me excited. I used to think things like, Why take a photo of my boob? And: I have other pictures of my baby; why bother taking one when he's eating?

But those breastfeeding days are a blur, and now? I totally wish I had a more photos to remember that stage by. The short story is: When I realized I'd never nurse a baby again, I was a mess. I can promise you that you won't ever regret having those photos taken.

There Will Come a Day when Memories of Nursing Are Foggy at Best

In the moment, maybe it seems sort of strange to have photos taken of you nursing. Maybe you feel like you're barely getting the hang of it. But nursing won't last forever, and there will come a day when you'll want to try to reach back and remember what it felt like to nourish and snuggle your baby. You'll want to remember those intimate details. It feels so intense in the moment, which makes it hard to believe those memories will ever start to fade, but they will.

Nursing Photos Don't have to Be Revealing

When you first hear "nursing photos" you might just think, BOOBS OUT for photos!? Um, no thank you. Still getting used to this new body. But breastfeeding photos don't have to show everything. The photos can be taken from further away. Focus can be on baby's head or mom's face. And while nursing baby's head will block much of your chest. It's more about capturing the memory and emotion of the newborn phase.

It's also your call if you leave your shirt completely on, use a nursing cover, or opt for skin-to-skin photos. It's all about your comfort level.

Nursing Photos Don't Have to Be Public

Even if you signed a model release, a good photographer will respect your privacy preferences, especially around such sensitive images. While the ladies in these images graciously allowed me to use their images, you absolutely may choose to keep your photos private. Galleries can even be password protected, so others coming across my site can't access them.

You Can Take Nursing Photos at a Private Location Outdoors

If you're a nursing mama, you've probably nursed a baby just about everywhere. If there's a location that's meaningful to you and your baby or if you want a more playful vibe for your nursing photos, they can be taken outside at a tucked away space.

What's the Worst that Could Happen? Snap & Delete.

If you're on the fence, my advice is to have your photographer take a handful of them and see what you think. The worst that can happen is you have here hit delete on the spot or they never see the light of day.

Choose a Caring, Sensitive Photographer

A good photographer will be able to read the situation, explain your options, and ask permission every step of the way (e.g. "Is it okay if I come in a little closer for another shot?"). When I take nursing photos, I do everything I can to make you feel comfortable and respected.

Looking for a Newborn Photographer in the North Suburbs?

I provide newborn photography in Maple Grove, MN and beyond. I'm a baby-led/mom-led newborn photographer. I focus on lifestyle and documentary-style photography, and I would describe my style as bright, natural, timeless, warm, candid, and detail-oriented. Click here to view some of my work.

Head to the Contact page or email me at You can also call me at 612.599.8349.


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Located in Minneapolis, Kara Joy Photography is a lifestyle & documentary photographer who specializes in newborn & family photography. She's known for capturing raw emotion & authentic expressions through a laid-back approach. Her unforced images have a glaze that is natural yet polished. The cherry on top? A quick turnaround time.

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